As seen in iChat.

Random complements are always welcome.

Having said that, there's nothing much to say really. About to hit midweek almost, and just another week to put away in the collective memory of my past. Have minor things to do, but decide to put the off, until tomorrow or Thursday. No point in getting things done early, when you don't have anything else to do. We will see what happens towards the weekend. Magic 8 Ball says... "See past week and repeat" ...Interesting. They are at times when the monotony of everyday strikes you. I guess a wake-up call to switch things around a bit. Not too much now, lets not be a dare devil....

I noticed how I tend to go from mostly stuff that will interest some of you, to have some posts where its thoughts crapping out through my fingers and been shot at the screen via a PowerBook keyboard. I guess this post is one of them. Thoughts for a Tuesday in September. Definite post that will get ignore in my book, a cliche blog entry. There's nothing much to say really. Im a bitch.

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