Electronic Music Making and GarageBand.

Avid Electronic Music listener? Want to produce something, and be the next Sasha? Only have GarageBand? Then you are on a bit of a slow start. Regardless, maybe you don't want to dig into Ableton Live, or Reason. Perhaps you like to mingle with loops first and don't have a MIDI keyboard yet? Your music knowledge is limited (YUP! thats me). Well if you are using GarageBand, here's a small tip.

-Almost by default, all Electronic music is 4/4. So choose that (it's set by default to that).
-BPM can vary. 120-140 is mostly House, Prog. House. 140ish Trance. 160+ Hard German Trance that makes your trip in the Autobahn a mellow experience.
-Build up your song to a climax (hmmm...) then have it drop off.
-Play with panning audio, you have 2 channel use them.

And now for a freebie.

A great free audio plugin that I have found is Buzzer It emulates a analog VCO VCF VCA Synthesizer. Great stuff, you can get it here. It does bunch of effects, and filters. Definitely something to play around with.

To set it up in GarageBand you must first drop the Buzzer2.component into: ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Compontents

Within GarageBand drop a loop, Chordal Synth Pattern 09 for example. Make sure the track is selected and do Cmd + I (Get Info) on the loop. Drop down the Details.. list.

Click on Generator, drop the list all the way down and choose Buzzer. Click on the Pencil Icon on the right. Start Buzzing away.

Well thats is all. Back to listening Sasha and Digweed. Hopefully this quick little tip can help a fellow Electronic head out there. Stay tune, I may start mingleing with VJ stuff... thats cool stuff right there.

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