The iPod nano. One of the products announced by Steve Jobs as part of the Special Event hosted by Apple. Along with the iPod nano, came iTunes 5 for both Windows and Mac. Sporting a more refined look, similar to the look of Mail in Tiger. Finally, to the surprise of almost nobody, Motorola's long awaited ROKR phone was finally debuted. The phone is ok, I wouldn't get it mainly because for the most part Motorola's Operating system in their phone plainly just suck. Besides the phone shoe-shape isn't to my liking.

Also worth noting, the final version of Quicktime 7 for Windows is out. Performance is better from what I have heard with H.264 decoding/enconding. A small update for the Mac Quicktime version was also release. This put the Mac version to 7.0.2, only small Bug fixes were mention to take part of this update. A restart is required, so all you uptime freaks may shed a tear about now.

Back to the iPod nano. I want one, plain and simple. I think its great flash memory based player, with color screen. In black it just looks sick. The pice is competitive for how much 4 gig of flash memory costs. I think the price isn't an issue. A worthy companion to my old and trusty 3rd. Gen iPod. Sadly, I cant get one. If anyone is willing to donate for the purchase of a 2 gig/4 gig nano let me know lol. I will make sure to write a review of it, and make mention of your names for been such generous people. Only $1 or €1 is all it takes given that more than 250 people visit this blog and donate. Hey, one can dream...

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