Deutsch, Warum nicht?

German, why not? Thats the question I posed myself many time ago, when I decided to embark in this journey of learning German. You see I love zee Germans by-products. I love BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche. What happened to Opel and Benz? Well they are partly own by American companies (GM and Chrysler), since then their quality of their products have dropped. Although they still make good products, it's not the same. You can add to that list The Autobahn, The Nürburgring, RUF, AC Schnitzer, and cool architectural design. Check out the VW's Glass Factory in Dresden if you need proof.

I decided to turn my Germanic interests into something productive, and thus I'm learning German. If you want to learn German, you have to go to the best and that is to me the Goethe Institut. The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institution operational worldwide. Quoted from the site, but I believe thats a worthy enough reason to deal with them. They deal with everything and anything Deutsch.

Here we have a Goethe Zetrum, which I must say it's pretty nicely manage. The have a library and they offer courses to fit your needs, express, long term whatever you need. To say the least German ain't easy. The gramatical part of the language is quite a mess to get a grasp on. Akkusativ, Dativ, declinations and pronouns. To say the least your brain cells do get a workout. Regardless I love the beating (lol) and enjoy learning German. Maybe one day I'll see myself with a Lufthansa ticket in hand, itching to drive the next day on the Autobahn at 3 in the morning. Time will tell...

Up to is a pic its a pic snatched during German class brake today. Enjoy it, and doesn't it look kinda City 17?

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