Slow sunday to wrap things up.

Well it's a slow sunday night, leading to a brand new monday and week. I can hear some cats in the distance getting it on, or maybe its a chick? Hmm... Another weekend in the memory. Wait its some cats...scratch the chick part. So indeed another weekend past, just a couple more to go before we call this year quit. Amazing how time flies, maybe I didn't noticed before, but now I do. Sometimes it worries me, but I try not to wrap my head over that these days. All things in due time they say. Hopefully that saying does not expire any time soon.

Well, short and sweet. catch me on another week with void inside. I shall leave you with a cool link that showcases Mac OS through the years. Check it out. Amazing how far Mac OS has come (as oppose to windows) through the years.

That is all, enjoy you 14 random by-passers that never comment and stay less than 5 seconds here.... lol.

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