It's crazy in the USA.

Watching the international media, as well as the US media report on the unfortunate Hurricane event makes you see how people aren't so different after all no matter where they come from. When disaster strikes, the worst and best of everyone comes out. You see on TV people stealing left and right, shooting at each other, carrying corpses on the streets, fighting for food, and a place to sleep. Most americans only witness this through their TVs with the (unjustified) Iraq war. Is hard when it hits home, ain't it? People are starting to complain on their government's slow to react policy on this event. The fact that they are locking down the city and not letting anyone out. It's crazy. To add to this, the increase on the price of a gallon of gas is imminent. Matter of fact, they are already reporting shortages of fuel in the Florida area. People are starting to line up, and the prices are starting to go up. The economy is bound to take a hit as well (well another one to add with the whole ongoing war in Iraq).

They have the sources to fly across the world, be stuck in a endless war, trying to restore "freedom", yet they can't do anything at home? Makes you wonder, how truly prepare they really are when shit hits the fan at home. What's going on in New Orleans is truly a tragedy, but at the same time, maybe its karma hitting back. As they say, karma is a bitch Mr President.

Edit: I would like to wish late internet birthday wishes to the Captain, You bastard I hope you had a good time :).

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