Ubuntu Linux - From Switzerland with Love

Among the mist of the Windows x64 RAID installation, this past saturday I finally received my Ubuntu Linux Cds. I ordered them around...some months back.. and they finally came to Argentina to me.

I would like to point out the great service Ubuntu gives to everyone for Free. Besides having an awesome, Debian-based Linux Distro, their offer CDs for shipment at no cost. A great alternative for those with narrowband. Sure you may have to wait a while for them to ship, but if you are on 56k you have mastered the art of patience already ;). You are welcomed to ordered as many CDs of the 3 flavors they offer. As you can see, I order one for my Shuttle -64 ed, one for Macs -Power PC ed, and one for regular Pcs -x86 ed, just in case. Each version comes with a install CD as well as a live CD for those that want to try out before buying kinda thing. The live cd makes as well, a great recovery tool, should your Windows install mess up and you want to recover your files.

Defenitely check them out, my hat has been take off for the Ubuntu guys, awesome stuff. While most linux distros make you pay for at least shipment, these guys do it for free. I love the Swiss, and Volvo cars (S60 is a great car).


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