Pardon me. I have slacked. The trials of Win x64..

Four days have passed since I have last updated Void. To say the least, it sucks, and it shows my lack of consistency when it comes to certain things. Truth be told, I have been dealing for the past 4 days with trying to install Windows x64 on my Shuttle SN85G4V2.

As you may all know (or not) this small form factor Shuttles, don't come with an available floppy drive slot. This is the year 2005, who needs a floppy? Do you need one to install OSX? Of course not...but thats on mac..ok.. Do you need a floppy to install Linux to install it on this computer (I have installed Ubuntu 5.04 64 ed.)? Of course not. Why does Microsoft insists on having drivers been loaded on the oldest piece of crap technology ever made? I know floppies are predominant on the IT field, and mostly everywhere, I'm not saying kill the thing, but give Options.

Easiest solutions. How about loading from a CD drivers? That wouldn't be too hard, since well u loaded all the freaking CD-Drive drivers, and you are reading from the CD while in text mode. Press F6 to load Storage Drivers from an OEM CD. Not hard to implement now. Please take out your Windows CD, and place your OEM Drivers CD. Load them in, swap CD, and go your way. Support loading drivers from USB Storage devices like USB pen drives, the support for USB storage devices in text mode is there. Why not use it? Because its Microsoft. Although this feature seems to be coming in Vista.

Yes! close to 2006, we will be almost close to finally ditch the floppy when trying to install a Windows OS. I'm not even going to bother with harder solutions, like loading network support, and get the drivers from the network, oh no that would be too "advanced". Sure linux can do it, but it is Microsoft.

So what do I do when I have to install Windows on this? I slipstream. I have used so far with success, at least with the 32-bit ver. of Windows, N-lite. I have tried it with the x64 edition, no success although there's support for it. I have even done the slipstream by hand, no luck.

According to this Shuttle page It says you need:

  • BIOS Ver. FN85S23F - Checked!

  • Use Drivers from the FTP - Checked!

  • Slipstream to CD - Checked!

  • Have it not work - Checked!

Well, I have wasted 4 days and come to nothing, I'll probably post in the N-lite forums, see if anyone can help me. Otherwise, o well...

That's life meh...

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