Running Mac OS Tiger on your PC -The next geek thing to do?

We live in a world filled with coming and outgoing trends. From wearing baggy pants with one leg up (as mastered by Mr. LL COOL J in the 90s) to wearing yellow wristbands (although for a good cause for the most part, aside from looking "cool") and iPods today.

The internet, been the world that it is, is no exception to this. We have had regular trends, some everybody remembers, and some geek trends, which only geeks remember. Been the geek that I am , fancy title for resumé : "IT professional", I will talk about about some here.

First and and keep this in mind, most geek trend involve Hax0ring. You know reverse engineering stuff to make it work, function some way or another from its original form. Secondly, a lot of geek trends involve running Beta software. You know all geeks have done this at one point or another. Running beta builds of OSes, as a main OS, then crying after it crashed, or you had no driver support for your _______ and you had to wait for JimmyTehCool at that certain forum to Hax0r sum driver there, post it, and you downloading it. Finally these trends also embrace game leaks. You are no geek, if you haven't run a game leak at one time or another,and you know there have been quite a few (see below).

Here are some note worthy geek trends, as compile by me:

  • Running Windows Whistler Beta #24-- : After waiting 5 hours in queue at the Winbeta IRC channel, you installed it, and u looked at the pretty new Fisher Price Windows theme..OOOOooo. THIS IS AWESOME!!111!!.

    2005 Trend: Get Vista, and look at how Microsoft has gone to a very similar look as MAC OS, and yes IE still sucks...even in version 7 with tabs.

  • Getting the WPA Crack for Whistler/XP Corp: Angel of Death, yes Death himself hax0red the Product Activation and let you installed XP. He also provived the .ISO and the FCKGW product key. Who wouldve thought that Mr Death was so hax0r cool.

  • Getting the leaked DOOM3 E3 Ati Demo, AND getting above 15 FPS: Oh yea baby...DOOM3 in all its glory. People already whined about the poor peformance of the game, and everybody said "YOU NEED AN ATI Card man!!"...wait wasn't that for HL2?

  • Get the HL2 leak now.. and you gotta say that Steam sucks, and get the ATI Card it comes with free HL2!: HL2 got leaked and people got to see some of the physics and shoot water with the MP5. Meanwhile in forums legion of users embraced Steam as the next fertilizer for sun flowers (and some still do).

    2005 Trend: *waits for Quake 4 leak by 911RAZORPWNAGE!!11!1 or something*

  • Run linux in some device powered by electricity/God: XBOX, PS2, iPod, Mac, PC, PDA,Cellphone, toaster, food grinder with aluminum sharp blades..etc etc. Its the obsession of many geek senseis, MUST HAVE LINUX EVERYWHERE!!!1!!

    2005 trend: see above...trend will never die. MUST HAVE LINUX EVERYWHERE!!!1!!

And finally the new, coolest must-do geek trend:

Put Apple.OS.X.x86.Developer.Kit.Install.DVD-pheNIX on your x86 PC!

You KNOW this is big when there's over 1,810,000 hits at google regarding this.They have made this a project and thus a website is born for the project. That project has a crap load of active members and users. Countless forums posts regarding the success and failure of getting it to boot, run across the web. One of the biggest torrent sites has a direct link to the file in their front page.

So what's the big fuzz? I'm a mac user, and also have a PC will I install it on the PC? Nope. Why? because its pointless. First its a pain to get it to work. Of course it involves some hax0ring! I have installed linux,dealt with partions blah blah blah, but thats not the point.

You are installing something, thats just to say you did it, most likely thats why, to brag in a forum, to prove ur mac friend, to say "LOOK I DONT HAVE TO PAY "MORE" TO RUN MAC... OOOO look Steve Jobs I have Mac on my DELL..!!!" Yea thats cool, but can you run every application on it? Can you update it? Is it stable as Mac running in a ...well Mac? No. So all this big deal for what? Just to make a quick video of system profiler saying Intel Pentium 3.x Ghz? No worth it, as I see it. This has as much use as running that PearPC thing. Its there, but its not the real thing. The mac experience is the hardware AND the software. When you say I'm running mac, you automatically see in your head a mac, powerbook, powermac, imac with Mac OS. At the end, running OSX on your PC is just a feat, a hack, in 2 months, you won't care, and you will be back to Windows, after the whole "OOOO cool factor" is gone. Meanwhile some of us will keep "Tiger'in"and enjoying the mac experience, with our mac hardware.

As you can see trends, come and go..who said all trends had a point behind them, this Mac x86 thing, to me, clearly doesn't have a point.

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