What happened to the sundays? It's a monday.

If you have been a regular visitor to the blog. Perhaps only one of you *salutes The Captain*, you may have noticed that I tried to create one-post-a-day thing. What happened to the sundays? After the long rambling on saturday I decided to take a day off. So much writing can be done during a week, before your hands have no more words to type. That's my excuse.

Short recap of Sunday: -Formula 1 GP Turkey. Kimmi won (yet again) Alonso second, after Montoya Screwed up..by himself.

Standings: Alonso 95 points Kimmi 71 points Shumi 55 points (interesting year for him, although rumors say he may go to Mclaren next year..but shhh)

-I found a website that shows you how to fold your shirt in 2 seconds flat. Japanese efficiency MIYAMOTO-SAN!!

And now for the last 4 minutes of this monday. Well noteworthy today, is that I may join an ongoing redesign project for a computer company's website, not that I ever left, but I work on-demand basis. Stay tuned to that, as I will later explain why redesign a website, tends to be harder than creating one from scratch, again my point of view will drive that post. I may reacquaint again with Macromedia Flash in the process. Long lost love? Hmmm..

Well that its all, short and sweet. My podcasts have finished downloading, I'm out to listen to that (TwiT #19) and call it a day.

Sneak pick of the week to come in void (in any order):

-My recommendations of some podcasts/vidcasts.
-Why redesigning a website, is harder than making one from scratch
-Music trends, and why they suck (just like many other trends).
-And who knows what else.

And look its a tuesday..

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