I Am Legend - A Quick Review

As a birthday gift yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a good movie. I decided for Will Smith's latest flick "I Am Legend" and here's my .02 cents. I should say that this small review does not contain any spoilers, so I won't ruin the fun for you. Go ahead read away..

I am Legend is based on the 1954 novel from Richard Matheson by the same name. The premise of the film is pretty straight foward: - Robert Neville, who believes he may be Earth's only human left not affected by a man-made virus, works to create a cure while living in a city inhabited by mutant victims of the plague. He also happens to have a cool German Shepard dog.

The movie runs around the two hours mark. The story is carried very nicely throughout the whole movie until the end. I do feel that the ending was a bit rushed and left somewhat of a bitter/sweet taste on my mouth. It could've used half and hour more to set up the ending better. The ending was somewhat to be expected, but still it felt a bit rushed imo.

Doubtful ending aside, the movie is pretty good. It has its cool action sequences (which kinda look like DOOM meets Resident Evil). The whole abandoned NYC look gets done very well and its believable enough in the portrayal of an abandoned post apocalyptic city. All in all, I am Legend its a great flick worth watching. Highly recommended

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