Korn's Creep Cover

Let me prephase this by saying that Korn was a good band circa "Follow the leader" album. Matter of fact, I have that album and I listened to it a couple of times (skipping the pointless first 13 tracks). Again, not bad for those times.

So bringing it back to present day now, the other day I was TV zapping when I stumbled across this gem. Korn doing an unplugged session, to join the ranks of Nirvana and the like (OK so maybe Nirvana's unplugged was ten times better, just follow along). At first I thought they were going to do an unplugged version of, I don't know, lets say Got the Life... Not the case, they went into Radiohead territory with a cover of their first "everybody knows it"-hit, Creep.

Now it must be said that Creep isn't one of Radiohead's best works. There's a reason why they don't even play it during their tours anymore. The song was good to get radio play, but it's nowhere near the masterpieces of No Surprises ot Let Down from OK Computer. The Pablo Honey album had the feel of a young band trying to find their own sound. Something they finally accomplished with The Bends. Not to say that the album that carried Creep as its seller was abysmal. It has some good (even better that Creep) songs: Lurgee, Everybody Can Play Guitar come to mind.

Back to Korn. So after watching/hearing Korn do their cover, I got this odd feeling when things don't really go together. That same feeling you get when you see a young 25-years old chick riding shotgun with decaying 70-years old man in his Lambo Gallardo Spider down the street. Maybe its Jonathan's voice that doesn't convey the same feelings Thom's voice does? Could be. It just didn't feel "right".

The saddest part about this it's that all these young Korn-following-kids sub-15 years old won't even know who sang the song originally. Can't blame them tho, when all their music comes from the hell hole MTV is, what can you expect?

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