Welcome Back! - Part III

Let me just say, Man it has been a quite a while since I step around these places. More than four months to be exact. Funny how time flies.

In this gigantic (unannounced) hiatus period lot of crap went down. On the real world, I got done with my first year of University. Still gotta take some finals, but that's something to dive into another time. On the internet side of things, I started a Tumblr Blog, dropped more pics into Flickr, and as of couple of days ago I'm Twitterin.

I gotta say I wanted to come back to void sooner. Alas, procrastination at times takes the best of me. Today was the right time to set off to come back "home", and dammit I made it. As with any good comeback, gotta dress up for the occasion. So here we are with a shiny new look. Minimalistic, functional, cool. 

My return to void is part of a bigger "corporate branding" plan of sorts. There's going to be a logo for the blog, and I will try spreading this look among the other services. If thing work out, it will look good.

The triumphant return to Void on Christmas, mark you calendars because here we go again for the 2008!

P.S. Merry Xmas to all, a bit late..but hey its the thought that counts :) 

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