Daft Punk's Alive

After touring the whole world with their seizure inducing pyramid our French house-mixing cyborg overlords (commonly know as Daft Punk) have released a CD/DVD of their antics. Alive is snapshot of Daft's live performances in small easy to carry package (seizure inducing pyramid not included, sadly).

The album opens up Robot Rock into Oh Yeah a great starter track and sets the ground nicely for what's to come. You hear this fusion of the audience's cheer with funk and computerized voices and its all good. All the Daft hits are here: Technologic, Around the World (Harder, Faster, Stronger Mix - OMGWTF!!!111!!!), Crescendolls, Aerodynamic, etc. Saying this album just rocks would be an understatement. By the time Da Funk hits your eardrums you already are deep enjoying Daft doing what their do best: Rock your f'ing *bleep* off.

If there's one shortcoming to this album it would be that they mainly stay with their most recent stuff, but then again, the stuff is good. I mean its Daft Punk doing a set mixing Daft Punk, a mind blowing experience. What more can you say?

I for one welcome our house mixing cyborb overlords and their seizure inducing light show.

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