Useful Dashboard Widgets

The Dashboard was introduced with Tiger (10.4) more than a year ago. The whole premise of the Dashboard is to hold small html/java applications (widgets) that do one silly little thing. These silly things may prove useful to some, but truth be told the usability of the Dashboard is questionable.

On my PowerBook I currently have four widgets inhabiting the Dashboard. Rank from most useful to not so much it would go like this: iStat Nano, Weather, Stickies, Calender. That's it. So here I am asking you all, what are some useful Dashboard widgets you have on your Dashboard.

Sure having some Chuck Norris' random facts is of the outmost importance for some (Fact: Chuck Norris played Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun and won), by the same token, a widget that tells you how happy people are feeling today is not.

So let me know, what are some useful widgets to have to your Dashboard?

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