August Rolls In..

..and let me perform a quick look back to this year thus far. Continuing along with the previous post regarding periods of times (of inactivy or whatever else). I thought I share this small analysis of my 2007.

A month by month breakdown would go kinda like this..

  • January - Worth noting my bday..individualistic thought, but thats about it man..
  • February - ???
  • March - Started my Graphic Design carrer
  • April - ???
  • May - ???
  • June - Completed successfully my first semester @ the Uni.
  • July - Winter break
  • August - Hmmm..
As you can see, not many things worth noting. Many things just went by but I cannot recall when it happened. Getting old dude..and my brain cells are getting wasted on how colors works, Max Miedinger, Sans Serif typography, etc. Lets see what goes down from now 'til Dec. Hopefully I have more stuff to write in for every month lol..

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