A Closer Look Into This..

When I started to look into a new look for Void, I took a look at the many of themes out there for Blogger first. As you may know (or not) because Blogger decided to change how it does things, many of the old themes don't work any more. Blame it on XML, blame on the satellite that beams me home.

So after lot of shuffling through, I stumble across this awesome , minimalistic theme which now is part of Void. Named "Hemingway", this theme is a port of a very popular Wordpress theme now made available to the wonders of Blogger. Perhaps a bit dark and emo for some, regardless I believe it works. It gives Void a more mature look.

At the bottom of the page you will find a random assortment of goodies. On the left, a syndication of my Twitter feed. In the middle, previous posts for your visiting pleassure. Finally on the right, a collection of links to all the other services I tend to use, as well as an archive of entries.

Since the conception of this blog it has gone through many re-designs. I believe this is the best yet. Hopefully you share this sentiment as well. There's somethings that I need to still tweak here and there (add fellow bloggers' links, for example) but everything in due time.

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