Inquisitor - Spotlight for Safari.

Watching the latest Diggnation I heard Kevin talk briefly about Inquisitor to Alex in the mists of another Mac vs. Pc debacle. I remember trying Inquisitor once, but I never gave it too much use or importance by that matter. I also recall that back then it was a payed application, but now "oh how have things changed.."

First and foremost, Inquisitor is now free. Secondly, compared to when I tried it, the application has mature nicely with no bugs in-sight. To add to the list of features, Inquisitor even works with Apple's Safari 3 Beta. So I didn't see any reason as to why not give it another chance . So I have, and I must say I am very satisfied with the results thus far.

Inquisitor is truly is a time saver. Instant Google search results without actually loading a page is awesome. For somebody with crappy broadband speed, this is a welcome feature. A very nice non-obstructive transparent result box adds some eye-candy and functionality to the mix. Lastly, and I think this one of the key features, it's not a resource hog, as opppose to some other Safari add-ons out there. Matter of fact, even the .dmg you have to download is under 300 kbs!

If you enjoy Spotlight on you mac, you need to try this. It is as the Developer's page states, "Spotlight for the web".

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