You may like this.

The regularity behind this blog has gone down the pooper. That's basically how things are going these days. University workload is basically killing me, too much crap to do, with apparent no time.

With basically no time to actually sit down, think, then write something on regular basis. I resorted to a medium that doesn't demand as much time, a quick random though by means of a quote, picture, link, whatever random crap would do. I have been running a Tumblr log.

Devoid (of..) is basically a cardboard box that holds random thoughts, and ideas synthesized down to few words, a picture, quote on a daily basis. Basically, whatever I stumble accross, is running in my head on a given day.

Am I giving up on Void? NEVER! by the most part I will keep Void around. Don't expect as many updates as they once were, because it ain't happening man. But void will keep marching along

Having said, I invite you to check my Tumblr blog.

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