TWiT calling it quits?

I'll decide what happens to TWiT, the show, when I come back, but at this point it looks like it's on life support and the heart monitor is flatlining...

The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte

These are the words of the "Chief TWiT" himself regarding the future of one of the most famous podcasts out there. Seems like after a year and 73 episodes later it's time to close the curtain. What's the reason behind this? Apparently all the guests that take part of the show don't commit to sitting down and Skype in for the show on a weekle basis.

From Leo's

It's not I who want to take a break. I'm here every week ready to record, edit, and post a show. I gladly put in more time on the show than all the other TWiTs put together, but if the other TWiTs decide not to show there's not much I can do about it.

At this point I have a couple of choices. I could re-cast the show with people who will actually show up, but is it a TWiT without Patrick and John?

So there you have it, seems like TWiT is calling it quits. Maybe doing this now is better than later? The right time to perhaps have TWiT-spin-off, with more dedicated guests to take part of it? Then again, what's the  "TWiT Network" without TWiT to begin with?

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