Kickin' it ol' school style

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Before people giggled at the "Wii" name, before you had to sell a kidney to get console/blu-ray player, before they were 2 different versions of the same console..we had the Super Nintendo..

Ahh yes..fond memories start floating in.. I remember getting a SNES for a Xmas many years back, man was that a great video game console.. I remember playing Super Mario All-Stars, and thinking how awesome it was to have all these great Mario games there to play with "updated" graphics and sound.
So this past weekend I was feeling a bit nostalgic, per say, and downloaded Snes9x - a SNES emulator for mac. After a quick hunt in the depths of that piracy infested Limewire land, I found what I ws looking for.. a ROM of Super Mario All-Stars! So i plugged my old and abused USB controller, and I started to bring back the golden days of video gaming (at least for me). I tell you, those SNES days were unmatched..F-Zero..Mario..Zelda..Street Fighter..Mortal Kombat 2..list goes on and on...
Sure it may not have been the most legal thing to do in this world, but c'mon now it's just like putting that old favorite CD of yours, the one you haven't listened to in years, and hitting can't help but enjoy it.

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