Still around..

Some days have passed and I haven't taken the time to update Void. Truth be told, I haven't really  stumble across any goodies worth mentioning, nor has nothing good pop inside my head/happened in my life and thus the need to post it.

So here's an out of the norm more personal, "personal blog-ish" post..

So lately I have been translating a press operating manual. Exciting! ..Not really.. you see, the job at hand calls for a generous amount of pages to be translated from a dubious English (which apparently was originally translated from German..entschuldigung Deutsch) to Spanish. So here I am, probably learning more about this machine, than the guy who operates it has ever done in his lifetime, in a week's time. I also need to scan the pics/diagrams within the manual, tedious work, but hey at least I am doing something...Six chapters to go..

My German classes are about to come to a closing, and the "international" test looms in the horizon. I should get to study, aber ich habe keine lust..  I'll get a start  on that later this week. Procrastination, you say? Perhaps..

It appears that as the year comes to an end, I'm truly starting to run on E. Not that the year ever really took off to wear me out, perhaps I got worn out  waiting for it to take off and things to work out. Oh sweet irony, now that i think about it...

So, that's that..there you have it.. feeling somewhat tired, I'm gonna call it "quits" for today. Hopefully you, blog reader, enjoyed this post, for I have nothing NOTHING!! (Mugatu moment) to give this time around...


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