Remove ads in Windows Live Messenger

This a short and quick how-to on removing those bothersome ads at the bottom of Live Messenger main window. Lets get started..

  1. Go here:
  2. Download Resource Hacker ver. 3.4.0 (Zip File 541kb).
  3. After unzipping the contents open ResHacker.exe.
  4. Open in Resource Hacker (File -> Open...) msgsres.dll located in (in most cases): C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger
  5. Click on View -> Find Text... on the menu bar.
  6. On the "Find what:" field put in:
  7. <Constrainer layoutpos=top ID=Atom(SSConstrainer) Layout=FillLayout()
  8. Change layoutpos value from top to none.
  9. The line should now look like:
  10. <Constrainer layoutpos=none ID=Atom(SSConstrainer) Layout=FillLayout()
  11. Click on Compile Script.
  12. Click Save (File -> Save)
  13. Open Messenger. Enjoy your now ad-less version of  Live Messenger!


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