Hey it looks pretty, and I headed out somewhere..

Well as you can tell, I have updated the look a bit for most part, nice and simple, based on the KISS principle. No not that rock band, the Keep It Simple Stupid thing. Structural layout is the same for the most part, except for the links been put on the bottom. The difference comes in the colors (well that sounded kinda gay..). BUT its true man!!.

Worth noting is that the updated look appears when i see the template to edit, however visiting the blog by the address u still get the black look. If you are reading this with a black background, well that sucks and I shall take some Brownie points away from u Blogger.com..

Should you be a graphic designer, or be slightly interested in web design. Well heres what I can tell you. Colors used are:


I also molested some of the CSS code here and there as well, and I added 2 buttons. One is the RSS Feed button, click on that subscribe to it. Harness the power of real simple syndication says I. The second is a home made, photoshopped created void inside button. I think it looks nice and I will use it to spread void inside awareness through other forums and what not, that I tend to visit.

And to close things up. I stepped out of my cardboard box today for sometime. After some requests of Mother, to accompany her downtown. So i went with her..saw sum hot chicks..some of them too young ..some of them acting too stupid. Damn high school chicks*. Overall it was alright, some time was killed out this friday, and I got to enjoy riding public transporation..weee!!

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Well whenever i get a chance, I'll snap a pic of my whereabouts, and Ill post it along a post. So you can associate with what I am trying to say. I will use my camera phone for the most part to snatch a pic. So it may be worth 475 words, instead of 1000 due to the crappy quality. O well. Enjoy it. Please now direct your view to the top of this post. Thank you.

*If you are a high school chick, please don't be offended, not all of you are stupid :).

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