Yay..another blog on the internet...

Giving in to my originality once again, I now involve myself into the so call art of "blogging". As unique and one of a kind as a kid wanting to be a fire fighter at the age of 7, and a dog named Max.

End of lack of originality disclaimer I must say this. The service is free, so no hassle of setting up PHP, MySQL DB, Download blogging software, set it up..blah blah blah. By the time u got done with all of that, you are tired as hell, and wait you have to design it as well, so u give up on that as well. Thus, another default themed worpress blog is born.

From what I see here, at least you can change the theme (which i kinda like this theme, so it shouldnt be much different when I'm done with it). So ill whip out the Dreamweaver..and weave away some crap there.

And so the first post is done. Lets see if I can add some high quality content to this, not just "I Woke up with a zit on my left ass chick, Im tired. End of blog."

Well..time will tell..the end.

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