Shutdown Day

We have almost become too dependent on our computer(s) these days. Thanks to RSS feeds, emails, and who knows what else, we find ourselves trapped using them on a daily basis, for many hours per day. For some it has become an integral part of our daily go-about.

Shutdown Day is a worldwide experiment with an interesting premise:

Can we cope without any computer usage for one full day?

On March 24th. we will find out for sure. I for one said "I can". How hard can it truly be? Truth be told, the thing I'll probably "miss" the most on that experimental day would be jamming my iTunes library. But it's only one day, YOU CAN DO THIS!! Besides, the 24th lands on a Saturday so it won't be monotonous weekday at least.

We shall see, said the blind man.. Anybody willing to join the experiment as well?

Twenty-four hours sans computer usage, what can go wrong?

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