Miami's CBS 4 says:" We ain't no English pros here."

So this morning I was doing a bit of random news reading here and there when I stumble across this gem of grammatical error.

Reading this article on Tim Hardaway's "shocking" revelation of hatred towards ..let's see here..dudes that swing "the other way", male Cher fans, vast majority of Miami Beach residents, etc. I came across a pol asking for people's opinion on these "big" news.

Timmy's opinions aside, which are really irrelevant for this post, I was shocked by the atrocious grammatical error found on the poll that was been conducted by CBS Channel 4 of Miami at that time. Lets take a closer look, shall we? (click for bigger pic).

As you can see the statement in question is: Stupid But His Right. Now, what kind of English did you take in High school to confuse His with the contraction of He is? I'm somewhat sure whoever wrote those poll options even has some college education under her belt. Jesus man, common now..

But then again, maybe I am wrong (silly me..). Maybe Yusila Ramirez got it right at the time of reporting. Maybe she meant "..., But His Right". The "Right" in the same context as this? Nah... I don't think she's right (Yusila.. you may want to pay attention and see what I did there on that last sentence girl).

Now if you excuse me, I gotta email Yusila this post along with some helpful hints and tricks.

Disclaimer: Take this post with a grain of salt, for I ain't no English pro or anything :).

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