A little update..

Contrary to popular belief, I am still around. Truth be told, I have been somewhat busy with getting "in touch" with my old IT roots. Oh the wonders of the IT field are creeping back up on me...

Back in the day, early turn of the millennium, I got my certs on Windows 2000, the MCSE, the -SA, the -P, the CompTIA N+, and the CompTIA A+. The whole alphabet soup. So driven by my love/hate of relationship of computing that lurks deep within me, and because the freaking ad flyer said we could get some high double-digit salary in no time, I went down the IT route. It didn't help either that the owner of the place drove a Ferrari Modena 360 cliche-first-Ferarri-owner red. By the look of things, the IT field was it. Computers (or Microsoft certs.) are the answer to all your needs, they implied.

Looking back, I have no Ferrari, or black BMW M3. The owner of the placed ended up leaving the place with people's money, and I'm looking to update my certifications. What can I say, it's funny how things change so much, but at the same time they are those small fragments that tell you things are still the same in some places. For good, or worse.

And so I sit here once again, lurking deep in computing/network terminology, once more. Not as thrilled as the first time, but yet with some expectation left. Maybe this time it works? Who knows. I must say, going back these five years (damn, time flies) to retake this stuff, has lead to many memories of those times. I must say those were some crazy, hectic times. Oh man...I salute you The Academy of South Fla. and everything that went on around that time.

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