The magic number everybody can associate with the God-like figure Jack Bauer is. Matter of fact, we all know that the final battle that will determine the fate of humanity as we know it will be the ultimate showdown between Mr. Bauer and Him... and by Him I mean The Man of Texas, Chuck Norris.

Putting our end of days theory aside, twenty-four is also..(and I quote Wikipedia for this):
  • The number of frames per second at which motion picture film is usually projected .
  • The number of cycles in the Chinese solar year.
  • The number of Carats representing 100% pure gold.
  • The number of bits a computer needs to represent truecolour images (for a maximum of 16,777,216 colours).
  • The number of letters in both the modern and classical Greek alphabet. For the latter reason, also the number of chapters or "books" into which Homer's Odyssey and Iliad came to be divided.
  • and more..
Having said all that, as of today twenty-four is also the number of years that I carry with me. Yes sir, twenty-four years old, let me close my birthday...er..day by thanking everyone that said "happy birthday". Let's hope this 24th. year of life brings something good to "write home about" as they say..

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