OSX Reloaded

Now that I have my PC back in "operational status", I was able to accomplish the long overdue reinstall of OSX on my PowerMac G5.

Using my PC as a backup storage device basically , I backed up my 20-and-then-some Gigs iTunes library, iPhoto library, documents, random crap, etc. After two+ hours of a tedious backup procedure (I should get a firewire external HD next time..) I was ready to re-install OSX on my PowerMac.

One of the main reasons why I needed to do a reinstall was the crazy amount of kernel panics I was been submitted to on a regular basis. The culprit, and I'm pretty sure of this, was the evil piece of crap software called 'Virtual PC" by the fine folks at Redmond, WA. Worst piece of software. Ever.

Anyhow, I went ahead held-C while booting up, click here-there, customized the install, and off it went. A couple of minutes later, I was greeted by the familiar default OSX desktop with the gargantuan Dock. First thing I did was to minimize the Dock, and turn on the magnification effect. Secondly, I ran Software Update...and holy crap was there a whole lot to update. Given that my so-called "broadband" service is crap (avg. download speed 25-30 kb/s) this turned out to be a 3-4 hour affair to get all updates. *sighs*.

Long story short, I am now back with a freshly installed, and most importantly, stable system. So far I haven't gotten one panic *knocks on wood*. Sure it may have been one tedious, time-wasting event, but hey..not like you gonna do this every other week, right? Lets hope everything continues to be nice and calm with at least this Mac. Oh and before I forget, never install Virtual PC on your Mac, to quote Bobby Boucher's Mom..."IT'S THE DEVIL!!"

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