Check out this iPod Na..wait no..

Thought somebody may get a kick of this. Browsing around the auction sites here in Argentina, I stumble across this dude selling this iPod nano look alike. Truth be told from afar it could fool anyone.

Having said that the GUI is nowhere close, the clickwheel controls are wrong, and it has more features than the real Apple nano (which in turn is sad).

The brand: - Panton (huh?)
Capacity: 1 gig.
Features: - plays MP3/MP4, records voice and radio, FM tuner, stores photos/videos, built-in games, address book.

Price: Around 70 US Bucks.

Forgot to mention it comes with headphones, charger, USB cable and a 90 day warranty. What no AppleCare option? Deal breaker right there my friend!

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