Good News Everyone!

I have been a fan of Futurama, ever since I started catching the re-runs on Adult Swim back in the day @ 11 pm. The crazy adventures of the Planet Express crew, always made me laugh, and by the most part every episode was very good. The subtle Apple references through-out the show, Bender and Dr. Zoidberg and all added to the great value of the show.

Like all good things, Futurama was ended way too soon after been canned by FOX. Although there's talk about a Futurama return, I wouldn't hold my breath. Yesterday, as I "digged" around Digg, I found this great site. This site contains every Episode of Futurama seasons 1-5 in Flash embedded video format. Perhaps not the most "legal" site out there, but c'mon is Fry and his crew!

A worthy visit to remember some great cartoons, although the quality may not be the best, but hey something is better than nothing. As Bender says "Bite my shinny metal ass!"

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