The World Cup Starts...Tomorrow!!!

Seems like yesterday we were all watching the final with Germany and Brazil been played in Japan. Now four years later we are about to witness, once again, the biggest sporting event in the world - The FIFA Football World Cup.

Some of you may call it Fußball, Futbol, Football, and even Soccer (...). Regardless, no matter what you may call it, we all come together under one event, one sport. Sounds like some Eric Cantona may say on those short Joga Bonito Nike Football vidcasts, but hey its true.

Hopefully, this time around Argentina will make a better appearance than on the 2002 World Cup. Team USA will give something to talk about, and Brazil will get dropped ASAP. Just joking about the whole Brazil thing, or am I? lol.

Looking foward to the 64 matches, looking foward to some great football, looking foward to maybe Argentina getting close to the finals..

Who knows what lies ahead, all I know is that by this time tomorrow the 2006 Deutschland Fußball-Weltmeisterchaft will be under way,and I will be glued to the TV watching it.

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