Mission Impossible 3.

Mr. Tom Cruise, nowadays the man everybody knows as the dude who jumps on furniture, eats a placenta, and overall is somewhat cookoo in the head with his religion of choice. Add to that list the whole marriage to Katie Holmes, which is *significant* younger than Mr. Cruise..blah blah blah..

Personal crazy life aside, Mr Cruise has reprised his role as IMF Agent Ethan Hunt, on the third installment of the Mission Impossible series, is this third installment better than the previous ones?

Movie ticket in hand I accepted the given mission on sunday, and here's my report. Running about 2 hours long, the movie is action packed from start to finish. No giving away spoilers, but it was a pretty fun film, well worth the time. The FX stunts were although at times over-the-top, pretty cool and not so crazy as Woo's film. Well worth the admission price. Highly recommended.

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