My PowerBook Battery.

I have been using this PowerBook for well over two years, and I must say it has been past hell and back. Daily use non-stop, an essential tool of my daily go-about. So much use and things tend to start wearing out, as they say, one case been my battery.

When I received this PowerBook from Apple, as a replacement from my stolen, excuse me, "lost"PowerBook after sent for repairs (a story for another blog post another time), I could get, about 3 hours of light use prior to having to go scrambling for the power adapter.

Slowly, but surely those times started to shorten, and shorten. Today I am lucky if I get an hour and change from light use. Age is starting to show and the peformance of my battery these days it's just a shadow of its mere self.

Although it's expected it's kinda sad when you see things wearing out. Battery, flakey headphone jack, finish coming off, random scratches and bumps, and missing rubber feet. Still, I use it everyday more than any other computer, long live the 12 in. PowerBook!

Maybe a MacBook will take its place one day, retire the old buddy and let him sit on the bench. Until that day comes, excuse me as I need to go plug this on the wall, my battery is acting up again...

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