Switcher Dude Not So Happy After All?

I'm sure you guys recall the story of Stefan, the guy that was trying to become a switcher, and was taking donations to help him get an iMac. I even plugged the guy's site here as to lend a helping hand to his cause.

Turns out he finally got the money needed for the iMac, mostly in part to a generous man who donated over a thousand bucks, but he did it. He ordered, he got it and now I can't help but feel he's disappointed with the whole thing.

Every report after the initial arrival of the mac have been of frustrations,and mostly a whole sense of let-down with the whole thing.

Now, I know switching isn't an easy task, far from it in fact, but maybe sometimes what you wanted isn't really what you really needed. Perhaps an IBM laptop would've been a better option for his current needs? From the look of things it really seems that way, imo.

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