Joystiq: Wii impressions: the E3 experience.

Joystiq reports:

I'm not convinced that, at this stage, the Wiimote and nunchaku add-on are superior to a gamepad. Miyamoto, speaking last night at a developer's event, said that after becoming comfortable with the Wiimote, it's now impossible for him to go back. I'm not there yet, and I know I'm not alone. It's gonna take a lot of work to rewire how we, longtime gamers, play video games. It's important for Nintendo to understand this, and I believe they do.

I feel the same way. Although what the big N is doing is innovative, I can't help but to think that it's just a big gimmick in ways. How long will waving your arm around in front of your TV be considered fun? Sure if you have some buddies over, but when you just came home from work, want to relax by doing a quick gaming session do you really want to spend your time waving your arm like a maniac? An hour into the game you may start to feel your arms getting tired..

You also have to remember that due to the nature of this new game control, they are many variables that can lead to a poor gameplay experience. Am I not waving my arm right? Should I lift my arm higher up now that I'm standing up? Should I stand back from the TV more? Where do I place the RF bar? Is the RF sensor not picking it up? Are the batteries dead? etc. etc.

Yes it is innovative, however I don't believe it will replace a tradicional gamepad anytime soon. Hopefully game developers will embrace this new type of game control, but not forget the good ol' gamepad.

You may play a newly purchase game with the wiimote for sometime, but eventually I believe most people will fallback to the regular gamepad.

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