Help This Guy Become a Switcher!

Stefan over at his blog is taking donations to help him become a switcher. He's ready to ditch the Windows world and come over to the Mac-side of things, but he needs your help.

At this point you should be asking, Why do I wanna help the guy?? Well, the dude does have a very strong argument as to why he needs your (our) help. The dude works and study needs to help out in the home etc. By the looks of things if he wanted to raise the money by himself, he would be having a hell of a time doing it.

If you can help the guy out, either by donating some bucks to his case, or by spreading the word, please do. I for one can't give the guy some money currently, so here I am spreading the word on his case.

As fellow (soon to be) Mac User, I think we should all lend a helping hand.

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