The Pen is Costlier than..

...many things actually. Meet the Visconti Stellastar pen. Not your average pen you find in your office supply store, the Stellastar is, and I quote -"created from a single silver bar that is lathe-shaped, smoothened and rhodium plated into the gleaming column with a distinctive star shape." Should that not spark your interested, the pen also has a 18k gold nib and it's limited production of only 1917 pieces.

So now you are saying, .."OK yea looks much is it?" A mere pocket change sum of 3500.00 dollars.

Refills are not included, however you do get a lifetime warranty should the thing stop working for other reasons besides running low on ink.

Fun Fact: Writing the words "See you later" with the Visconti Stellastar makes each word worth $1166.66. See even the simplest statements are worth something with a Visconti Stellastar.

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