Chain Letters.

Chris over at his blog brings up an excellent point regarding the redundancy of chain letters/emails.

I think we all have been a part of chain letters at one point or another, forcefully or not. Point is, as he says, they are by the most part unpractical and well, worthless. I fully agree with him, it's amazing that people still believe that because you foward a chain letter, somehow someway, little Billy will finally be able to get that operation he's been wanting.

Alright, yea thats great IF IT WERE TRUE. Where's the connection between you sending an email to all your contacts, the misterious "we will give whatever cents per each contact you send it to" and Billy. Hint: It is not there people. Besides, by the third time you get the "Billy email" you really start to wonder if this chain letters serve any purpose at all.

Save your "10 reasons you know...", the witty jokes, the funny images, remember this is the internet, if it's really funny we probably have seen it already. Contribute to a cleaner inbox, we have enough spam floating around as it is. Thank you.

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