Who Doesn't Have a Blog These Days..

Seems everybody has a blog these days. Even those people some may consider "famous". MC Hammer for example (*sighs* Bad example of famous ..I know). I wonder if this is a cheap gimmick to get in with the "cool" kids, you know?

Besides, what can MC hammer blog about? Last time I checked he wasn't so well of money wise and all that. Maybe he can blog about how you..yes *YOU* can't touch this..

In a somewhat better note, someone who also has a blog is Marc Ecko. Mostly blogging about the development behind his game "Gettin' Up". Also how he got a rhino name after him (?). Seems like blogs are a great way to hype up your products these days. They hold that cool spot in the PR departments' free advertisement wall.

In all fairness Marc's blog is a whole lot better, content/color scheme -wise than Mr Hammer's. Crappy embedded music is so 90s man...just like you *points at Mc Hammer*. Ok i can blog for hours about dissing Mr. Hammer, i'll stop now..

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