Working @ One Infinite Loop.

We all love Apple, the Macs, the iPods, but have you ever wondered what's it like to work at Apple? We have all heard about Steve Jobs' demanding character, is it really true? Is the guy so into getting things "right"? Intrigued by what goes on at the Apple Campus?

All of these questions have been answered by Mike Evangelist in his Writers Block Live website. As an ex Apple employee, Mikes gives insight on many of Apple's trademark stuff, including how the infamous keynotes are set up! Using his website to showcase his experiences at One Infinite Loop, the site also serves as a rough draft and a way to get people's feedback on the book he's writing. Matter of fact, many of the entries you see at the site are excerpts of such book.

It is not only just text, Mike also has a pictures, and even movies of his old Apple days. Truly a great read if you are an Apple fan, or have ever wondered what's it like to work at Apple.

So head over to Mike's site and see Apple from the perspective of somebody who worked there.

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