Random Chuck Norris Fact Generator....Gone?

In what can be classified under "that sucks", the site which hosted random facts regarding the Man Of Texas, seems to be gone. At least for now..

Hitting http://www.4q.cc/chuck/ you are greeted with a 404. Sad times indeed..

As you can see, Mr. Norris isn't too thrill about these news..

I would also like to mention that due to the amount of Manliness the given graphic file has, Blogger's own image service, couldn't load such file to their server for hosting purposes. Apparently, Blogger's servers are aware of the the unwritten law that states nothing in this planet can have anything related to Chuck Norris inside of them. Unless you are a member of the opposite sex.

Update: The Facts are indeed back online! That's right we can now rejoice and educate ourselves on Chuck's facts once again.

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