How Much Does an iPod Cost Here in Argentina?

In another installment of how we get jacked here, today we will look at the World famous iPod.

Ever since my 3rd Gen. iPod has had 2 near deatth experiences, I have been on the lookout for prices of a replacement iPod. One of the biggest Apple distributor here in Argentina is MacStation, so I directed myself to check their prices via their website.

Surely I was expecting a bit of diference between the US price, due to import taxes etc., but not this rip-off ammount.

To put it in perspective for you and using for money convertion, here's the info:

iPod of Choice: iPod nano 2 Gig Black. Price: $199 US Bucks or 604.71 Argentine Pesos

MacStation's Price: 1500.00 Argentine Pesos or $493.62 US Bucks!

Thats right more than twice (almost twice and half) the price for the same product!

This is straight up, for lack of words disgusting. These people should feel ashame of themselves for putting such high overpricing on these products. Why rip people off like this? Milk them for every single cent since they want good products, appears to be their motto.

Not much more can be said, aside from..These people rip us off. One nano for the price of 2 and a half. These guys must be crazy.

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