100 posts!

A personal blogging milestone to say the least. It all started on August of last year, just a way to talk about random stuff really. Come today, and I have done 100 posts about a little of everything really. We have come a long baby, as Fat boy Slim would say..

Another milestone was the fact that on one single day, void got over 10.000 pageloads (!). All thanks to my post regarding IT certs. It started @ Digg.com, got front page there, then slowly made its way around the blogsphere, and even made it to the front page of Bluesnews.com!

To tell you the truth, I never expected such reaction from this post. The ammount of pageloads in one day, truly makes you believe in the "Digg Effect" to the say the least.

Bragging rights aside, Im glad how void has turned out to be. Hopefully it can continue to be this way, and see you all 200 posts down the road (hopefully).

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