Everyone Needs a Dobermann.

Been a Dobermann owner myself, I find them an awesome breed to have. Sure they may be energetic as hell, running up and down, jumping from left to right, but that's what makes them a Dobermann.

Quickly to go in barking rampages, for no apparent reason, they are sure to make you love them. And you do, besides the bitting rough play they enjoy (poor arms of mine..), they always greet you with a move their little tail stud whenever they see you, and some licks to your face whether you want them or not.

Many people see them as bad evil-tempered dogs, and they are not. That's some mythh out there, and like the mythbusters, I can tell you it has been busted. They are a fun, loving, by the most part calm and easy-going breed. A great friend to have, in every sense of the word. Sure to be there to keep you company no matter what.

There you have it, as I said earlier everybody should have an "Little Unna" in their lives.

BTW, Unna is the name of my Dobie :), and it's also the name of a city in Germany!

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