Tomorrow is the day.

Tomorrow the Macworld Expo kicks off @ San Fran. "Not a big deal", you say, well you are wrong. To start it all off, Mr. Jobs will have a keynote setup for us to look foward to. Intel Powerbooks? iBooks? Mac Mini DVR? iLife 06? new iPods? a closer look into Leopard? 10.4.4 with Intel support? The possibilities are endless.

By the look of things, come tomorrow mid-afternoon, I'll be glued to for some keynote info 101. Shortly after that, to to see the newly introuduced iProducts, then off to some Mac forums. Quite busy Mac-geeked tuesday for sure. Then again, it's only once a year this happens, all mac geeks look foward to this event, I can be no less.

My take on what Steve has up his black turtleneck sleeve? Intel iBooks/Powerbooks, iLife 06, 10.4.4 with Intel support, and maybe some other things..

Wait and see... 1 day, 2 hours, 31 minutes until the Macworld Keynote.

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