Telefonica Speedy: Worst ISP Ever.

I already wrote about my experiences with the service of broadband provide by Telefonica here in Argentina a couple of months back. I am writing about it again today, becaus as it is right now this is the worse service I have ever experience with an ISP.

Let's put aside the exorbitant price per speed ratio (50 dollars for 256kbps) lets talk about the service they provide.

To start off, "non-convetional" ports are crippled in speed. You think they will tell you in their website what these ports are, not so. We are just here left to wonder and discover by ourselves what these ports are. From what I have experience, some ports include bittorrent, ftp, irc, VoIP, secure ftp, and more.

Although it is an issue, in part one can say that the average Joe, doesn't really care about FTPing patches, bittorrenting linux distros etc. The problem is that even web surfing is crippled!

Yes, since early December, I have been unable to load and, among other sites, but these are two of the "Big Ones" out there worth noting.

I have called, they told me that my IP range is the one thats having issues, and the techs are working on it. Month later, we are in the same place, but today it got even worse

You see today they have actually gone out of their way to cripple a whole slew of ports. Including AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Steam, HTTPS, POP3, and SMTP. Wow, what the hell is going on here..

As a side-effect, my download speed has gone up from 40-50ish kbps. Could it be a sort of like "Hey look we are screwing you over, here have some extra bandwidth in the meantime. We are sorry for the inconvenience"

Thanks but no thanks. I rather have a fully working reliable service than this crippled thing. Worse of all they are going to charge even more starting in March.

What to do, what to do. In short Telefonica's Speedy suck. Should I quit, I'm back to 56k. Which is worse? -Is the question I'm asking myself right now.

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