Happy 2006: A look back into..

...many things that occurred during the small holiday brake. However, first thing first HAPPY 2006!!. That's right, lets us hope we all get a nice easy riding 2006 that will help us achieve what we have in mind. In other words: 2006 don't be a bitch please ;). So here's a small sneak peak of stories I shall develop further this premier week of the year..

Goldeneye: Source

The alpha was released on Christmas day and I have been playing it ever since. I must say this mod, shows great promise. Truly great stuff, even for an alpha. Although, as with every early in development project, they aresome bugs and annoyances..

Windows XP X64 Ed. on my Shuttle SN85G4v2

After several failed attemps of finding a way to install Win x64 sans floppy drive, I gave in... I bought a freaking floppy, and installed it. Is 64 really much better than 32? What so good about the 64? Well all those questions shall be answer soon. In the meantime, I'll say this.."64 is a bit hyped up"

Other random stuff

That's right there's more, less geeky stuff for all of you to enjoy, just stick around...

'Til then..very prosperous 2006 and please do come back.

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