Since we last spoke..

My V3
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Well since my last update I have been doing quite somethings, hence the lack of time for a blog post. Having said that, this past weekend I became the owner of a Motorola RAZR classic silver (or is it SLVR??) color. Stay tuned as I will post a small review of this phone. I must say the phone is leaps and bounds ahead when compared to my old trusty Sonny Ericsson T616 in the looks and overall performance of the device. Overall, I'm quite satisfy with the RAZR thus far.

Over at Apple land, we have new iPods and iTunes. The return of the iPod Mini as a nano, better res. Movies and TV shows (finally!) and an small in-between update to the "big" iPod. Brighter screen, you can play games, etc.

Well that's it for today. A small post as to show that I am still alive. Stay tune, and look foward to my razr review.

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